18 days of turning inward

In life, we must nourish the many parts of ourselves. By honoring the different sides we help ourselves to become as  whole as possible as we move forward in this existence. For years, I have been creating my life in Los Angeles, paving the  path towards my dreams and doing my best to follow that path.. However, one major pursuit still stands; my yearn to nourish my yogi heart and become certified to be a yoga instructor.

A year ago, while doing research for an article for WOMN Magazine, I discovered Shivakali Yoga and their 18 day desert retreat/teacher training. The retreat caught my eye because of its modern, “cool” and yet totally spiritual way of talking about what the retreat has to offer.. I reached out to one of the founders Serge and  we arranged for me to come for 4 days and 4 nights to write an article for the magazine. I went with eyes and ears of a journalist, planning to just observe, not get too emotionally invested into the whole experience. You can read about what I learned and ended up experiencing here. Long story short, I had to come back this year to experience the full 18 days.

 My mantra for my 18 day journey: “change is crucial for growth, we must take risks to experience change.” As we all know, however, risks and change are scary.  There is the fear of life after the change. There is also the fear of trusting yourself during the experience. Part of this process, is knowing how to evolve, honoring all of the  aspects of our being in order to create something that is whole within ourselves.

 I am diving into this incredible experience tomorrow. I will be without social media, no service completely disconnected but entirely connected to myself and the other yogis that will be attending this journey with me.

 Wish me luck and stay tuned, I will be back in 18 days.

 The song that really sums up my feelings is  Changes by Longhorne Slim & The Law from their album The Spirit Moves.

Photos by Memry

Baring Skin In The Urban Landscape

As we know, Los Angeles and New York get hot in the summer. And while I love warmth and sunshine, I have to confess,  I don’t love the clothes that come with heat. For the most part, I dress relatively conservative and find it can be uncomfortable to bare one’s skin when  walking in congested city scapes with tons of people staring at you as you walk down the street. In warm months, I’m always torn between  wearing comfortable jeans and a white tee, or letting myself show some skin!

This amazing dress by Keepsake, is just the right amount of sexy for me. It is more boho and doesn't reveal too much. However, it does let me show off my favorite parts of me and is still fun. It flatters my shape but also isn’t tight, so I’m not uncomfortable in the heat.

For me,  it is just about balance and also about finding pieces that really fit you well in terms of what fits your personality, if you feel good when you wear it!


5 Reasons I have found a soft spot for Cacti.

  1. Pine trees are my childhood tree, they are prickly just like a cactus.

  2. I have fallen in love with the desert and its vast starry skies.

  3. Cactus compliment the desert boho vibes of my house.

  4. Turns out, there are thousands of different types of cacti and they are all super unique and cool.

  5. In Native American culture the cactus is a symbol of warmth, protection and endurance. Along with being a medicinal cure to treat wounds and sickness caused by digestive inflammations.


Clothing from JustFab

A Walk Through The Market

There are little things within a town or city that give it a sense of  community. These things are created, almost intuitively, by the people who live there because people need community to thrive in any environment, no matter how big or small.

When I think of community, the memory that still remains vivid for me is going to my first farmer's market. The market is nestled on the shores of Lake Dillon, in my home town of Dillon Colorado. I was 9 or 10 walking with my mom. As we walked the rows of food and Knick-Knacks, we saw friends and acquaintances. I remember sucking on a honey stick and trying pesto for the first time (still the best pesto I have ever had)!

Now, as an adult living in one of the largest cities in the world, I still seek farmers markets and thankfully for me, they are all over the city. They are nestled in 100s of pockets of this city, bringing life to the different neighborhoods. Within these pockets,  people get be together and  experience hand-made, organic food and crafts right from the source and get to know one another as neighbors. When I moved to Echo Park, I was so excited to learn that every Friday afternoon the town sets up its little market right off of Sunset blvd, just down the street from the lake and a block from my apartment. Going there feels like home and I always leave with a feeling of nostalgia in my soul.